Do You Remember Belly LOVE? { Part I }


Do you remember that little thing I used to do call Belly LOVE?

Through most of 2010, I was writing weekly posts–ramblings if you may, where I discussed my thoughts on self image and…ahem…loosing weight.

Yep, when I started it I had all the best intentions. That’s why I did something so bold as to show my mushy white middle for all the world to see.

But what happened is eventually my life went on a magic carpet ride…and I was only going through the motions of Belly LOVE. Sort of kidding myself, you see.

There really wasn’t any LOVE there at all. The truth is I traded long hours of working like a crazy woman for an extra twenty pounds on my frame. I stopped practicing Yoga. I ate once in awhile–and who knows what I was eating. Exercise–what exactly was that. And sleep? That was for sissies!

When I quit my job it was exhilarating like jumping out of a plane wearing a pink tutu! But what I didn’t let everyone know is that I landed in the center of a beautiful blue sea…and being new to all of this I thought I better swim like crazy to shore–or I’ll start end up sinking like a bag of stones.

I never sank, but my body grew weary and I started to drown. Anyways I realized that one never actually reaches the shore in this self employment thing–you just learn to make the sea your home.

So in a nut shell…that’s where I was when December came knocking on my door.

I was exhausted, tired, missing my yoga practice so much that it was tearing me up inside and I was crying all the time.

Who had I become?

This really wasn’t me. Was it?

I didn’t take this leap into my dream to live like this.

This isn’t the life I dreamt of.

What the heck had I done?

So I decided to take a Soulful Hiatus–and find the Connie who used to dream of this life she was suppose to be living. I took a Soulful Hiatus to come crawling back to my yoga practice. I took a Soulful Hiatus to find my center–that gooey ooey soft spot where all my truth lives and breathes…where I enjoy life…where I laugh…where I am healthy. Not busting out of my beloved favorite jeans.

So I took that Soulful Hiatus to go out and rescue me.

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