Here’s the thing about being an Artist.

Before you put heavy concern on what you make or how you plan to make it…you need to be very clear on why you are making it.

I’ve made Art hoping it would make me money, get me in a gallery, a magazine, get me followers, students, or friends. I’ve made Art hoping it would make me happy if only I could make it like the idea in my head.

I finally stopped drinking the hogwash and got real with myself.

Creativity is not something to enter into lightly.

Real Art is so much more than just a hobby or a fun thing to do with the gals.

Don’t fool yourself to think that it takes talent, skill, or a shitload of classes to be a real Artist. There’s seriously only one thing to it….one big thing that many Artist out there lack.


If you know the purpose behind your Art,

And you believe it with all your heart–

then trust me–

the Art will deliver.

Like Cupid on Valentine’s Day.


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