Ten Years Ago


Ten years ago, right around this time, I was getting on a plane to Italy.

By. My. Self.

I had never been overseas. Didn’t know one lick of Italian except for spaghetti, ravioli, and pizza of course!

And my heart was broken. Shattered in pieces that I stuffed into a pocket in my backpack in hopes that maybe some good ol’ fashioned Italian romanticism, red vino, and loads of Renaissance Art could help place it back together.

I had no idea really where I was going and when people asked what I planned to do there I always responded with “walk around”.

And that’s what I did for nearly a month. I aimlessly walked the streets of Italy to prove to myself that I could do anything.

That I was not my broken heart. That I was not the rejection of that man. That my life truly was mine for the making.

And I went there, because I believed that if I was really truly an Artist, then I needed to stare up at the Sistine Chapel for myself.

Backpacking through Italy by myself was a pivotal moment in my life’s journey, and honestly I can’t believe so much time has passed since then. People, still living in great fear and pain from the 9-11 events were terrified for me. Others told me how irresponsible it was for me to skip out on “real life” for a month. Some thought I was downright wacko for wanting to do it by myself.

But I knew. I knew it had to be done if I was going to break free from so many chains I felt hanging around my soul. I knew that I had to do this if I was going to be the woman I dreamt of becoming one day.

And now, I look at that sweet, 25 year old Connie and I just want to hug her so bad and say thank you.

Thank you.

She knew. She really, really knew.

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