Uh Oh.


Uh Oh is right.

My Muse has got a hold of me, for sure. That means sleep is gonna be almost obsolete and life is gonna feel like bottle rockets and joy rides.

But that’s ok. I’ve been here before..millions of times.

I’m ready for her company again after my little December Soulful Hiatus. I’m ready to have ideas a rolling, my juices a flowing, paint a drippin’, and my creativity on over drive.

And yes, I hear what you’re saying….I know, I know, I know.

I know.

I know in time–most likely I’ll crash and fall out of my own rhythm and rhyme. Creativity will seem like a distant stranger then–and I’ll begin to wonder if I’ll ever crawl myself out of this barren desert again.

But you see, that’s how my Muse and I party. That’s how we get things done and make things happen. In with a bang and out with a crash…then after a break–or a fancy Soulful Hiatus, we pick up where we parted and things take off again!

We dance like two requited lovers.

Who have come to appreciate that time and space only makes the heart grow fonder.

I’m happy to be back to blogging. I’m excited to start a new year! Today the doors open not only at BIG, but DEEP too…and I can’t wait to start sharing all that magic with you here as well. But for now, I need to turn myself in and go to sleep.


Tomorrow, Tuesday, will be my official day back to blogging–today is just a warning, that my Muse has gotten under my skin once again….and I’m bringing you along for the ride!

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