Another Tribe Of Awesome!


Painting by FEARLESS Painter Betsy


Another awesome tribe of FEARLESS Painters has made their way through BIG.

Painting by FEARLESS Painter Christine
This is the part I LOVE!! Seeing all the amazing BIGness that my
fabulous FEARLESS Painters create….
when they step into their power…
when they face their fears…
when they paint with every cell in their body!

Painting by FEARLESS Painter Colleen
But I always feel a little sad when it’s over as well.
I get attached to my FEARLESS Painters.
We become a tribe–a family–a wild bunch of women with paint!

Painting by FEARLESS Painter Cynthia



BIG is amazing in that it really stirs things up…and prompts change.

Painting by FEARLESS Painter Cynthia
I always learn something new about the FEARLESS Painting Practice with each tribe–
and I learn something new about myself as well
by being honored to witness all the transformation that takes place.

Painting by FEARLESS Painter Melissa


I want to say thank you to each of the incredible FEARLESS Painters

I just shared the last seven weeks with in BIG.

Painting by FEARLESS Painter Kajal
I am super proud of each of you–and so happy to have shared this Adventure with you!

Painting by FEARLESS Painter Lauren
Keep painting FEARLESS!

Painting by FEARLESS Painter Lauren
All the answers–and all the paintings are there inside YOU!

Painting by FEARLESS Painter Nadine
Just waiting to arrive when it’s time.
BIG Hugs & BIG LOVE!!!


I start recruiting a new tribe of FEARLESS Painters for BIG  this MONDAY, February 28th.

Go HERE for more information!! And remember–registration is limited.

Go HERE to read what other FEARLESS Painters have said about BIG.

Are you ready to paint FEARLESS?!?

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