My Yoga Journey :: Week 1


A few weeks ago I was chatting with my friend Elena when I told her that I was nervous about starting my Yoga Teacher Training program because I wasn’t sure how I was going to do everything. With out a pause Elena responded with “Are you crazy? Look at how much you’ve done in such a short period time already. You can do this.”

I never looked at it that way. But you know what–she’s right.

A year ago today I was back teaching in school. I was planning on launching my very first online workshop: Art Journal LOVE Letters–and I was–I will admit it–miserable for the most part. I wasn’t happy with my life—because I had this burning feeling that there was something else I needed to be doing. Another way to express my life.

And here I am–a year later, and I can’t believe how much I have done in such a short period of time. Seriously. It’s kind of nutty.

If you would have told me a year ago that in a year I’d be working for myself–hosting online classes, having a retreat in October, and going to Yoga Teacher Training I would have laughed in your face. Sorry, I know it’s rude. But I would have.

And so here I am. I have a life now that not only feels fabulous and fantastic and full of surprise, juiciness, and excitement….but I also feel that in all this excitement and bliss that I need to slow down a bit or I will miss the pulp that gets stuck between your teeth.

My Yoga Teacher Training started last Friday. Yes, it was amazing. I knew right off the bat when Eric, my teacher, began running off the rules that this was no easy task I was about to venture into. This is going to take commitment and dedication and most of all discipline. Discipline to really define what my priorities in life are–and stick to it. See this baby through hair by hair.

And here’s the thing, I did bite off probably a bit more than I can chew. It’s true. But I bit it off all for the right reasons…and now I just need to chew my food slowly.

Moving slowly takes a large dose of trust. Trust that everything that needs to be done…will be done. Trust that there is enough time–enough space–enough resources to complete all the things I want to do–as well as those things I need to do. Trust that it’s all going to work out ok.

I’ve been spending my time rushing—sunsets come and go and I barely notice the change of days.

I’m living the life I’ve always dreamt of–doing the things I’ve always longed to do–have an amazing man who loves me so–and live in a gorgeous area of the world. I am blessed beyond words could ever say–and I keep running through my days doing, doing, doing–that barely any of it is having time to soak in past my skin .

Like a painting that sits in the studio for awhile–like a flower that is happy to wave in the breeze. I too want more moments of pause. I too want a daily Soulful Hiatus–not just waiting for the end of the year to retreat. So not all my projects happen in lightening speed–not all of my paintings will be born in one week.

But I…..I will be evolving in a grander speed.

And that more than anything, is what we all really need.

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