My Simple Regular Life


Yesterday, for the first time in years I started running again.

I didn’t plan on it.

It just kind of happened. My usual morning walk wanted to take flight and so I started slowly–and kept a steady pace.

I only ran for 15 minutes.

But I ran.

And I lost myself in that run. I surrendered myself to my breath–to the sensation in my quads–to the careful way I placed my attention on the soles of my feet.

After A Run

When I was finished running a wave of awesome came crashing over me.

Yes awesome.

Where everything around me became a heightened state of beauty.

Where my life took on new meaning.

Where I realized how important it is to feel alive–to feel strong–to feel healthy.

To simply run. Not to something. Nor from.

Just keeping pace with the moment. Side by side with the present.

After A Run

And the beauty of it all is that even my life. My simple and regular life–
can surprise me.
Simply surprise me.

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