I Can Do Anything…


This whole week I’ve been working on a take-home Anatomy test for Yoga Teacher Training (due today). I finally finished it–and here’s the nutty thing–I absolutely loved, loved, loooved doing it. Even though it was freaking hard and kind of made my head hurt at times…I still loved it.


Because I never thought I could do such a thing. I never thought for a second that Miss Art Girl…Miss FEARLESS™ Painter…could work my way past those nasty Latin anatomical names, and get over my fear of looking stupid and totally surrender to the fact that I know nothing.

And now–I feel like a million bucks.

I still only know very little about anatomy and physiology…but I know loads more than I did just awhile ago–and the best part is I tackled something that’s totally out of my comfort zone and never even crossed my radar of interest before.

I feel like I can do anything….and I decided today too…that one day (hopefully soon) I will give this a try too…….

“Forget fear…worry about the addiction.”

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