Art Connections


This figure study above makes me so happy.  It was the second last drawing I did last night at my 3 hour figure drawing session.  And the reason why I love this drawing so much is because I finally let go.

I finally stopped being so tight and so serious about my drawings and let it flow from me.  I finally let go of thinking about the body anatomically and even in value–I just simply let my hand express what I saw before me.

20 minute figure study–charcoal on colored paper.

The drawing above was my last one of the night–and I was so happy and excited from the one I did before it, I felt it poured over into this one as well!

My drawings are not perfect or very skilled–but in only my second session of attending figure drawing–I can already start to see improvement–and I am gaining understanding again.

5 minute figure study–conte crayon on newsprint.

What is most interesting to me is I literally had to eat what I blogged about earlier in the day HERE.  I found myself at the beginning of the drawing session tight and constricted because I was trying to fulfill a certain idea of what I should be doing that I had in my head.

Just because I’m serious about strengthening my drawing skills and really grasping figure drawing–doesn’t mean I have to be so serious in doing so.

As most of you already know–I’m all about the process baby–and even in learning and practicing technical skill and theory–putting an emphasis on the process of acquiring these skills and theories is at utmost importance to me.  Somehow (I think it had something to do with my pesky little fear gremlin) I forgot that temporarily.

But honestly, it was when Tone Loc came on the radio with Funky Cold Medina that got me be-boppin back to my usual self again.  And next thing you know–the rest of the Artists joined in as well and it totally changed the atmosphere of the studio.  I believe it brought us altogether after that–because we actually started talking to one another while drawing.

5 minute figure study–conte crayon on newsprint.

And that lead to my favorite part of the evening….there was still one more pose to tackle–but we got so deep into a conversation about Art–that we decided instead to sit around talking until late in the evening.  And that’s when I got all teary eyed.  That’s when I took a deep breath and looked at this group of Artists I’ve only just met–and realized how freaking powerful intentions and wishes really are.  I’ve been deeply longing to find other Artists that live by me to create with, to learn from-be challenged  and inspired by, and to call my friends.  Artists who take their path and their practice seriously.  Artists who create with heart.

This is truly what Art is for me.  Making connections.

Connections within myself–

connections to my Creative Source–

connections to others and the world around me.

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