I’m Back


Ok, I feel like I need to make it official.  For at least myself.

My bloggy break is officially over.  Expect my musings and sharings to pick up again here on Dirty Footprints Studio.

The truth is–right now my life feels a bit like one big giant messy shmess of muck.

And you know what.  That’s ok.  It’s more than ok.  It’s actually a great fucking sign, excuse my exuberance.

It’s a sign that I’m growing–going through stuff–and releasing the junky junk (as my FEARLESS™ Painters and I like to call it).  So instead of “taking a break”, “taking it easy” or  taking anything for that matter–I’ve decided to show up.  Show up in all my messy mess glory and just let it go.

I love blogging.  At least the part here where I can express myself and shed light onto the world.

So I’m human–life’s not always a mango smoothie.

I have a feeling none of you will be that surprised.  I have a hunch you might even appreciate it.

So I’m back.  Bloggy break is over.

Can I get an Amen!

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