Just Wanted To Share


Sunday, Overslept

Miss Tracie Hanson of MyBloomingLife.com asked if she could take a peak into the “actual” Dirty Footprints Studio for her blog series: Room To Bloom. You can grab a looksie as well by visiting HERE.So much fun!!

And, I was recently interviewed by Jay of Moon Light Creations for his online magazine Dark Muse. (I LOVE the name!)You can go HERE and hit the download link to grab a copy.Plus, the magazine is chock full of great info–including interviews with Mr. Jessie Reno and also Chalk Master Julian Beever.Good stuff.

(And hey, last night I had this very vivid dream that I was creating art tutorial videos again.Huh. That’s got me scheming!!)

BIG Hugs! BIG Love! & Sunshine!

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