Total Alignment :: The FREE Workshop Series :: Introduction

On June 24th I promised you a new *FREE* workshop series here at Dirty Footprints Studio called TOTAL ALIGNMENT.

I had my first video processed and ready to go but came across some strange and frustrating problems trying to upload it.

So instead of forcing something to happen that was beginning to seem out of my control–I decided to reflect and ponder if this was the direction I truly wanted to move in.  I took the mishap as more of an oracle to reassess.  And I’m glad I did.

I am still offering Total Alignment–but instead of having the series span across a six week period–I am going to present 5 of the videos/posts consecutively August 1st-5th–and the introduction video/post on today! Plus! Plus! Plus—all the videos/posts will be permanently published on the Total Alignment page that you can find located on the tabs above.  This way you can take your time working with each video/post and come back to them again and again!

My intention behind Total Alignment is to share with others a series of powerful tools and techniques that can be used to help “totally align” one’s body-mind-spirit with Creative Source.  Through the fusion of FEARLESS™ Painting and basic Yoga techniques we will move through five invitations designed for you to explore and experiment with in your own creative process and life.  The invitations will be centered around:

1.  Opening The Heart Center (Monday, August 1)
2.  Balancing (Tuesday, August 2)
3.  Energizing (Wednesday, August 3)
4.  Full Self Expression (Thursday, August 4)
5.  Grounding (Friday, August 5

Also on Monday, August 1st I will be opening a Total Alignment Flickr group for those that wish to share their Total Alignment FEARLESS™ Painting and experiences.  Plus,  there will be other surprises and goodies peppered along the way!

So, I thank you for being patient with me as I ironed out the kinks and truly got clear on how I wanted to share these powerful tools and techniques with you in Total Alignment.  I hope that you will find that it was well worth the wait–and that you will also find it quite helpful in your own practice of staying in total alignment with your Creative Source.

Now lets get started!! Today is your introduction and preparation for Total Alignment.  Enjoy!

[vc_video link=’′]


In the video above I discuss my intention behind Total Alignment, identify some ways we can determine if we are out of alignment with Creative Source, and I share with you what supplies you will need for the FEARLESS™ Painting invitations.  Plus, I mention a link to where I purchase my vellum bristol HERE.

I can’t wait to get started on Monday.

Be love, spread light, paint FEARLESS™.

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