Big Girl Camera Adventures :: San Francisco


Monday morning I took a ferry from Mirin to San Francisco.  I sat tucked away in a corner with four business men dressed to the nines, checking their emails, and talking about stocks.  It was so crowded with people ready to begin their work day–that I wasn’t able to grab a seat with a view of the bay.

But that’s ok.

Waiting for me on the dock was my friend and FEARLESS™ Painter Tracie Hanson–who I spent the day exploring a pocket of San Fran with!  We visited the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art (I’ll show you more later)–and lost ourselves in juicy conversation over an amazing Italian meal at Umbria.

I was totally enchanted by the cityscape.  The way the windows and all the geometric lines created abstract paintings in my mind.

Patterns and charcoal and value scales.

I live an amazing life. A completely amazing life.

And I am so blessed and grateful for every breath I take.

I am so in awe of the love that exists everywhere I go.


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