I Devote My Life To Love


I feel like I’ve been taking a long U-turn in my life lately.

Not that I’m going backwards by any means–
or heading in the same direction that I once was.

This is different.

I’m turning around–and doing things different.

I’m making an effort to be softer.
To hold space for others with more compassion than I ever knew I had.
I’m letting my heart be open–
not just to new things and possibilites–
but to letting it all in.


The mundane,
the minute.

Including the hardships, the struggle.
The pain that comes to me in the shape of friends and strangers hurting.
Wounds I’m not here to fix.
Just hug and love and listen.

I listen now more.
I have less to say.

I hold my heart as my truest gift.
I hold your heart as my own.

I devote my life to love.

I devote my life to love.

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