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Are You Ready To IGNITE Your Creative Vision To Life?

I’m going to be honest and forthright.

I am totally over all the online interviews with the same ol’ bucket of people over and over and over again.  Please, don’t get me wrong–I adore Danielle LaPorte as much as the next chica.  But if you’re trying to lure me over to your website or blog with yet another interview with her or one of her cronies–thank you, but I’ll pass.  I’m sure I’ve heard it all before.

Believe it or not–there are a gazillion awesome, interesting, AMAZING folks out there doing awesome, interesting, AMAZING things–who may not have a huge following or a hefty book deal or some fancy wancy website.

Those are the folks I’m interested in.  Those are the people I want to know more about.  The ones that are out there living these awesome, interesting, AMAZING lives minus all the glitz and hoopla.  I want to know about folks that are truly out there with the intention to help and inspire others–and most importantly who are doing it by living their talk.

I’m not saying that that’s not what Miss LaPorte and her gang aren’t doing–for I feel they definitely are making a HUGE difference in this world (and they certainly have on myself).  But,  I feel that the online community is so saturated in their voices–that I’ve stopped even wanting to listen.

Kind of like if you ate pizza every day for a year.  Sooner or later, pizza doesn’t do it for you like it once did.

I’m not a person to bitch and then sit back and do nothing about it.  This is something I’ve been thinking about for awhile–and I always feel–if I’m thinking about it–I’m sure there are others, most likely Dirty Footprints Studio readers, who are out there thinking the same thing.  So I put the intention out there to do something about it.  I want to meet those people that are out there doing AWESOME stuff–who are helping others–and who may not have a blog or podcast interview lined up every week.

And I want to do it without an agenda.  I want it to be spontaneous–and organic–and free.

I’ll be honest again–I don’t know what all this really means.  I don’t have some plan or strategy set up to start an interview series.  It’s just in the intention stage, I guess.  But–just this intention alone has been bringing opportunities my way.

For example, just recently my friend Selina Barker–who I adore and am beyond inspired by daily–asked me to be a part of an E-Course her and the equally awesome John Williams (from Screw Work Let’s Play) host called The 30 Day Challenge.  This is an online community they created that supports people in taking action to making a dream come true and happen.  So things like starting a blog, making YouTube videos, beginning a business, to writing a novel or any kind of creative magic you’ve been putting on the back burner waiting for “the right time”.  They help you–they inspire you–they give you tools and support to make it happen.  It’s awesome.

And the cherry on top of this sundae is that they live freaking awesome lives themselves.  John published the book “Screw Work Let’s Play”—just from going out there and writing his blog about making a living through actually enjoying life and what you do.  And–I met him in person last year at the Joyfully Jobless Jamboree–he’s seriously chalked full of ideas to make dreams happen.

And Selina–well, I’ve been a huge fan of her’s for a year now too.  I read her blog Made In The Moment religiously–and subscribe to her weekly newsletter Juicy Tuesdays.  And through our mutual online admiration–we’ve become dear, dear friends.

What I love about Selina is that she is truly FEARLESS™!  Truly!  This year she finally decided to throw all caution to the wind and live her dream.  Her dream  being traveling the UK for six months in a cute little camper van called Beryl–and totally make a living do so—helping others make their dreams happen.  So when she asked me to be a part of The 30 Day Challenge–I said sure–in return that she’d let me interview her on Skype about her FEARLESS™ adventure!

Of course she said yes!! And it was so much fun!!! Up until now we’ve been only email and bloggy friends–and now we have plans to meet next year!! She is a kindred soul sister at the core–and I feel so blessed to have her as my friend.

So, with all that said…I am excited to announce my first FEARLESS™ Inspiration interview with Selina Barker–a person who I truly feel is doing interesting, amazing work with her life–and she helps others to do the same.  I hope you watch the video of our interview above…and well, if you need a little booster on getting a dream or creative project going–you should join us over at The 30 Day Challenge.  It starts up in October–but the closer it gets to October–the price goes up.

Maybe I’ll make my FEARLESS™  Inspiration interviews a part of my own 30 Day Challenge as well!!

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