Sharing The LOVE!!!


First…I just got to share this!!! My FEARLESS™ Painter–and yes, I am beyond proud to say that she is one of *my* FEARLESS™ Painters has put together a free watercolor online workshop called the Poppy Spree!

Poppy Spree!!

And, normally I would not be all jazzed about painting flowers or even getting busy with watercolors–but Miss Margot of Margot Studio, well, she’s sparked an interest in me—and she totally won me over when she explains in her introduction video above how this workshop was created out of pure love–like a true FEARLESS™ Painter for sure!

So, I have to share….come join me HERE as Margot takes us on a “poppy spree”!  Fun!  Fun! Fun!!

And lookie!! One of my other FEARLESS™ Painters Jennifer created that beautiful poppy painting above as part of the workshop! Totally lovely if you ask me! Doesn’t it just get ya itchin’ to pull out the watercolors! I can’t wait to get started!

And yesterday, while I should have been catching up on the mountain of work I need to do–the urge to scribble with my oil pastels won out! And so I picked up my red first and literally just started scribbling. Followed by some violet, then some baby blue, and then–well, the rest is history.  I guess I still got Sedona on my mind!!

Speaking of Sedona, here are some photos taken by Kim *The Dutchess of Orange* at Total Alignment…



I think right now–to be totally honest–red is my color.  I keep seeing it everywhere–I feel it–I want to be around it–and well, it best explains how I’m feeling.  ALIVE! PASSIONATE!! FIREY WITH EXCITEMENT!!!
And so I’m going to throw one more red thing at you today–something that my friend Selina shared with me–that’s totally got me inspired. Check this video out to a new movie coming.  I wish I could invite everyone over for a screening when it’s released!  How fun would that be!

Are you inspired yet?!

Go paint poppies with Margot or simply pick up something red and create!! Turn this damn computer off–make ART!!!



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