If It’s Important….You’ll Find A Way


For my fifth still life, I decided to paint my darling little Ganesha statue.

Not the easiest thing to do, but that’s what I tend to say at the beginning of each of these still lives.

So I focus on studying the color relationships—

and less on trying to make it into some spectacular painting.

I apologize for the lousy lighting in each of these photos.

But I wanted to document a little bit of the process for you.

I’m still not finished.

Probably a day or two more to go.

And recently a few of you have left comments here and on Facebook–

plus asked me via email the same question…

How do I commit to a daily Art practice?

Well, the best way to sum it up is…

If it’s important–you’ll find a way.

If it’s not–you’ll find an excuse.

Painting is really important to me.

Even when I’m dead tired,

even when I want to lay on the couch and watch reruns of

Anthony Bourdain’s No Reservations,

or when I think I should do everything else–like those damn dishes.

I make time.  I force myself even.  I just quit whining and do it.

Because I have decided that in ten years from now I want my painting skills

and my portfolio to be at a certain level that it’s definitely not at now–

I want to possess a certain deeper understanding–

of Art, myself, and what I am capable of.

And for me to get there, I have to put in the practice.

The work.  The effort.

The time.

Truth is–ten years from now I’ll still be tired,

still be tempted by charming men on the television,

and I’ll still have those dang dishes to do.

But I’ll be a better painter

then I am right now.

And that’s what keeps me committed.



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