FEARLESS, Present, & Unfinished


Here is my most recent FEARLESS Painting….it’s still a work in progress….unfinished.

What I’m enjoying about this painting is that I’m really listening to it–
really taking my time–
being present with it completely.

Partially because I have to work in chunks of time while Phoenix is sleeping or being cool with snuggling in close.

But I feel really present in this painting—and I started it by asking it a question…and it’s been so surprising and fun to see how it’s answering.

In The Studio Before 9 AM

I tell you—something has really struck a flame inside me—I have so many ideas–so much I suddenly want to express again.  I would have never imagined that this would be a by-product of becoming a Mommy!

Though, the beauty of it is that pre-Phoenix if I felt this way–I would have gone off in sky rockets—would have gone on overdrive.

Maybe it’s the lack of sleep–or lack of time–but I feel more focused and grounded when I come to the studio.  When I pick up the brush.

Funny how life evolves for us–gives us just the medicine we need.

Just as a little reminder….BIG goes on sale this Monday, June 4th!!! This will be my 11th Tribe and I can’t wait to paint FEARLESS with a new group of amazing women!!
Maybe one of those women will be you?!?!

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