Deeply Humbled


I am deeply humbled, to say the least.

Currently I’ve received  a little over 150 photos of the sky from lovely people all over the world.  But what touches me even more are the stories that many of the emails contain.

Stories celebrating life.

Stories expressing the pain of losing someone well loved–especially those sweet little ones that only blessed us with their grace for such a short time.

I am so humbled to hold this privilege to honor the spirits of so many that brought love and light to this world.

And early on, like in my fourth or fifth email, I received a photo of the sky from a woman who lives in Hinkley, Ohio.  She didn’t know me or Uncle Johnny–but her photo brought tears to my eyes immediately.  When I lived in Cleveland, Uncle Johnny and I would go hiking at Hinkley Lake all the time.  Receiving her photo felt like a whisper from John–letting me know that he digs this project–that he’s a part of it in a big way.

But what’s even bigger than an inbox full of blessed emails, is that in this short time, this project is changing me.

It is making me kinder.

All of us hold tiny deaths in our hearts.  Some more than others.

All of us have experienced loss and sorrow that shakes us to our core.

Be kind, is all I can think.
Take the time to hold another’s heart in our hand.
Speak softer.  Sweeter.  Slower.

And raise our arms and eyes to the sky more often.

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If you have a moment, I encourage you to watch the beautiful video above.  It talks so beautifully about the sky.  You’ll love it, I promise.

You’ll really love it.

Plus, there is still time to shoot your own photo of the sky above you and share it in honor of a loved one passed.  You can read more about my Piecing The Sky Together project HERE.

And for those sweet Lovelies who have already emailed me a sky photo, please know that I am reading and replying to each email individually–if you haven’t heard from me yet, know I appreciate your patience.  I am truly humbled, but a tad overwhelmed by the beautiful response to this project.  I will email you soon–and I am so grateful for your contribution.

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