A Body Of Work


There are certain moments in my life where I knew a major shift had happen.

That life, as I knew it, had changed.

You would think after 20 hours of labor that I could say this happened when my dear Phoenix was born. But it didn’t.

It happened about three months later, when I first drew him HERE.

Squeeze (Detail)

Charcoal on paper.  23″ x 23″.

Since then I can’t stop.  I don’t want to stop.

I actually pray every time I hold that charcoal in my hand that God will grant me a long and healthy life just so I can keep on drawing him.  Capture all the stages and transformations of his own life.

Squeeze (Detail)

Charcoal on paper.  23″ x 23″

I have always admired those Artists that have a strong cohesive body of work–that it unfolds and tells a story about them–about their creativity–their life.  And I know if I was to take all my own art work and put it together–it would say something certainly about me.

But this is different.  I don’t know how to really explain it.

I envision something big with these drawings in just the commitment alone to follow Phoenix’s life with my hands.

It’s not necessarily about the drawings themselves.

It’s the reverence I pour into them.  And most especially the growing that is happening simultaneously with Phoenix and I.

Squeeze (Detail)

Charcoal on paper.  23″ x 23″

As Phoenix grows–I too am growing as an Artist–a Parent–a Soul.

Somehow I want to capture that in this body of work that I am embarking on.

A body of work, that I pray, will last for decades.

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