Time For Something Different!


August and September are my planning months for the upcoming year.  I sit with a huge pad of newsprint and my scented kid markers and start creating mind maps that take over the entire studio floor and walls.  What am I planning?  Well world domination of course!

Just kidding.  I’ll leave world domination to those with more time on their hands.

Instead I start to plan out the projects I want to work on–ideas I wish to explore–and dates and deadlines for all my future workshops and retreats.

The thing is–I do all my planning on newsprint–so it takes some of the pressure off and instead becomes more of a tool for gaining clarity on what it is I want to embrace more of in the upcoming year–and what I am ready to let go of.  Once these mind maps are out of me and on paper (in either blueberry blue or hot cinammon red) I end up throwing them away.


This year I had a huge revelation when it came down to it….and that is I am ready to start trying new things with Dirty Footprints Studio.  I’m ready to shake things up a bit!!

I have decided to declare October 1st as my own personal New Year’s!  This is the day that IGNITE–my 10 month FEARLESS Painting Teacher Training program officially begins!! I am so excited to start this journey with 12 amazing women from all over the globe as they gain the tools, confidence, experience, and support it takes to become a powerful, healing FEARLESS Painting Teacher.  Together we are going to IGNITE magic in the world!! I can’t wait!

So to celebrate my New Year and give my IGNITEES a big welcome–I am hosting my first ever FREE online LIVE FEARLESS Painting event and you are warmly invited!!  It’s BYOB–Bring Your Own Brushes!!! And all you have to do is come here to Dirty Footprints Studio on this Monday, October 1st from 9am to 12pm PST to join me as I paint FEARLESS Live!  Go HERE to see what time it will be where you live!

That’s it.  Nowhere that you need to sign up.  Nothing else you need to do. Just show up here!

I have already started preparing my seventy four inches canvas for the occasion–take a look…

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M_lawEiBuOI?list=UUzGId3zUertfvvQtPlRmcqQ&hl=en_US]

Hope to see you there Monday!!!

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