Art As Prayer

Mandala In Process. Ink in sketchbook.

Right before Phoenix was born I started drawing mandalas.  I drew them up until the very last day before he was born.  You can see a few of them HERE and HERE.

But, I kind of forgot about them, until I was busy looking in my nightstand drawer for something and came across the sketchbook I devoted just for them.

So once again I’ve picked up where I left off.  The mandala in pink in the top photo is one that I started working on the day before Phoenix was born and never finished until now.

(I felt kind of rusty at it, to tell the truth.)

The second one I started last night–as a form of prayer.

Prayer for wellness.

That intention alone really transformed the process for me.

Though when I think about it, I believe that’s what I was doing in those mandalas I created before Phoenix was born as well.

Art as prayer.

Yes. Yes. Yes.

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