Swooning Over Carissa Paige, Cathy Bluteau, & Danielle Daniel


As a self sustaining Artist that makes my livelihood online–I can find it very isolating at times.  Being part of a creative community, I feel, is so important for one’s creative energy.  So, that is why every time I start planning for 21 SECRETS I get all giddy!  I love inviting other Artists to join me in bringing even more people together–and what better way than Art Journaling–one of the most healing, creatively open, and exciting ways of expressing ourselves!

Starting today and going through March–every Friday I am going to have a swoonfest here on Dirty Footprints Studio–where I will swoon over three of the Artists that I invited to this year’s 4th annual 21 SECRETS!! I hope that you will find these women as inspiring as I do!


I first completely fell in love with Carissa Paige through Instagram.  Some how the Muses of Faith led me to her and I’ve been swooning ever since.  What I really admire about Carissa is her playful, intuitive, completely creative (and a bit zany) way that she navigates through life as well as her beautiful Art.  I just can’t get enough of her, to be honest.  I can’t wait for her workshop in 21 SECRETS!!


By Carissa Paige.


What I just adore about Cathy Bluteau is how passionate she is for getting folks excited about being creative and making Art!! She is the Queen of doodling I feel–and not only does she take doodling to a whole other level–but she helps others to turn their doodles into works of Art too!  Seriously!! Check out her website HERE to see what I mean!

By Cathy Bluteau.


I’m mesmerized by Danielle Daniel.  (Watch this video about her HERE and you will be too!)  But to be honest, I was really nervous in inviting Danielle to 21 SECRETS–I’ve been admiring her from a far for quite awhile…and well, I had a bit of an Artist crush!! I can totally relate to how she left her teaching job to pursue her heart and dreams full time.  But what draws me most to Danielle is how she is honest and pours her spirit into her Art and her writing.  She doesn’t sugar coat things–and I find that so refreshing online.  And, when I learned that she’s only been painting for 3 years–I was shocked.  Her work, to me, has such depth that I was certain she’s been at this for a long, long time.  Danielle is all heart–and I’m so honored that she’ll be sharing a piece of it at 21 SECRETS!

By Danielle Daniel.


21 SECRETS is on sale now–and opens April 1st!

Go HERE to learn more!

Please join me next Friday when I swoon over Diana Trout, Dion Dior, & Erin Bassett!

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