Swooning Over Ro Bruhn, Roben-Marie Smith, & Tammy Garcia


In just a little over three weeks 21 SECRETS will begin!! Registration is open now HERE!  So don’t wait to grab your space in this fourth annual art jouranling extravaganza!!!  Until then though….Friday is our day to swoon over the amazing teachers that make up this year’s line up! Today I’d like to introduce you to Ro, Roben, and Tammy!!!

I feel like I’ve been following Ro Bruhn forever online–and that’s why I was a little nervous to invite her to join–a little bit of an Artist crush I guess! So, I was over the moon when she agreed–and I’m really excited for her to bring her Flower Power hippie love to this year’s workshop!! What I love so much about Ro’s work is her attention to texture–and her love for juicy delicious colors!  Plus–she seems to have her fingers in everything as a creative Soul–no wonder that she’ll be inspiring us to use the objects from our every day to turn them into Art!

Art by Ro Bruhn.



Seriously! I think out of the four years that 21 SECRETS has been around–Baby Got Back-to-Back has got to be the best title of workshop yet!!! C’mon–you got to admit–it’s hard not to fall in love with an Artist that names her workshop that!!! I just adore Miss Roben-Marie Smith!  She’s another one of those Artists I’ve been following forever it feels like–and I was a giddy as a goose (yes I was)–when she agreed to join us this year!  She’s a pro at teaching–arting–and getting women all over the world creative with her rubber stamp store too!  She’s quite the gem!

Art by Roben Marie Smith.


Tammy Garcia is a veteran teacher here at 21 SECRETS!! This is her second year that she’ll be serving us her  palette of  yumminess! It has been such a pleasure to get to know Tammy over the years.  She has a heart of tie-dye swirls–that is dedicated to supporting and inspiring people to get creative!! A woman who once was all “business”–now makes Art a vital part of her life–and a vital part of the lives she touches in her popular blog and art journaling facebook group!  So glad to have her join us again–she is someone you will definitely swoon over too!!

Art by Tammy Garcia.


You can learn more about the 21 SECRETS teachers I’ve been swooning over HERE.  And you can register for 21 SECRETS HERE!

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