We Possess All That We Need


Thank you to all the beautiful Souls that have added their questions and suggestions for my new blog series To Be Of Service.  Your inquiries have got me totally fired up about writing that I can’t wait to just jump right in!  But most of all–I’m tickled that I’m finally trying something new and sprucing things up around here at Dirty Footprints Studio!!!.  It feels  super good!

But before I begin this new fun adventure, I wanted to say something very important.

With every cell in my body, I believe that we as women possess all the wisdom, answers, and direction we will ever need right inside our own hearts and bodies.  It’s there–even if we struggle with accessing it sometimes.  Even if we ignore it.  Or don’t trust it.  Or confuse it for something else.  It’s still there. Always.

In some form or fashion,  I’ve spent most of my life trying to decipher this buried wisdom within myself and in the last few years I’ve started to build a strong communion with it–through FEARLESS® Painting, yoga, and deep reflection and listening.

All the work I do through Dirty Footprints Studio is always with the intention of guiding women on their path to this cauldron of wisdom.  So it’s really important to me to never dish out advice or suggestions on what I think others should or shouldn’t do.  Doing so would defeat my core belief.

To Be Of Service is in no way an attempt at being a Dear Abby column.

Instead I understand and actually celebrate that as women, many of us find comfort in honest connection with one another.  I’ve witnessed how we, as women, foster courage through the serendipitous oracles and signs that cross our path–and how easier it is for us to dip into our own source of wisdom when another Soul inspires recognition of what our own Soul has been whispering to us all the time.

I am beyond honored that you trust me enough to seek connection with me in a way that impacts  your questions about things you are curious or passionate about in your own life.

It is my sincere hope that by responding to your questions through sharing my own life experience and truth, that you receive the blessing of an oracle, possibly a little serendipity, or maybe a spark of deep knowing that leads you into the vast wisdom of your own heart.

In return, these questions you’ve proposed have already filled me with a renewal of excitement for the work I share and a beautiful opportunity to embrace more clarity and reflection around what it is I too am passionate about.  What a gift.

So thank you, my beloved readers, thank you…..it means so much to me.  My first post of the series will be released on Wednesday, June 5.

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