Gather, Retreat, PAINT & Repeat


One of the most important ways I practice self care is by retreating into my studio for some uninterrupted time to simply paint.  It’s the one thing I feel I don’t do enough–and I plan on changing that and want to help you do the same!

I am hosting a little stay at home/studio FEARLESS® Painting retreat and would love for you to join me!!

You don’t have to book a flight, find a hotel, or even leave the comfort of your pajamas!! You just need to commit to one day of pure PAINTING bliss in your own home/studio–and I will shower you with support, love, and all the ritual goodness that you would receive at one of my own live retreats via the powers of the internet!

You can finally finish that painting that’s been staring at you forever–or start a fresh new art journal–or simply show up with your art materials and see what happens!  That’s what I’m going to do!

So find a babysitter–forget about housecleaning–and lock the doors!!  Gather, Retreat, PAINT & Repeat is taking place on Saturday, July 20, 2013! Come and paint FEARLESS® with me ALLLL day!!!


Gather, Retreat, PAINT & Repeat…

  •  is a celebration of you and all that you do!! It is an opportunity to commit to nourishing your own heart and creativity with time, space, and a community of love around you….all from the comfort of your own home/studio.
  • is about having fun and playing!  Super important stuff, my dear friend! Super important.
  • is a time to refuel YOUR precious Spirit so that you can be more present for your loved ones.
  • is a huge act of self care.  Bravo to you!



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Morning Studio

What you’ll receive:

  • Ideas and inspirations on how to prepare a transformative and nourishing stay at home/studio retreat–including how to incorporate ritual, create a sacred environment, and even easy recipes of meals you can have prepared the day before so you can stay fueled without the fuss during your retreat.
  • The week before our retreat I will shower your inbox with daily painting inspiration and creative ideas to prepare you for this great gift you are giving yourself.
  • A private Facebook group where you can meet and share with kindred painters.
  • A video for you to watch the morning of your retreat that will help you begin your retreat with reverence, joy, and feeling inspired!
  • Two live meet-ups held from my own studio via Spreecast the day of our retreat.  One at 11am PST and the other 5pm PST.
  • The chance to let your creativity play and your Spirit soar in the support of a loving tribe–and me, your host!!



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Focus! Focus! Focus!
How Gather, Retreat, PAINT & Repeat works:

  • On Monday, July 8–two weeks before our retreat I’ll send you an email with ideas and inspiration on how to start planning your great retreat!
  • The week before I willy shower your inbox with daily inspiration & painting goodness!  Plus we’ll get all cozy in our private Facebook group as well.
  • Bright and early morning on Saturday, July 20 you will receive a PDF that contains a video and content for you to open your retreat with reverence, joy, and a big boost of inspiration!  It doesn’t matter what time of the morning you start–this PDF will be your opening reception to get you going!
  • You spend the day painting and creating! Painting and creating! Painting and creating! BLISS!
  • I will check in with you LIVE on Spreecast (free to join) from my own studio at 11am PST for an activity to get us back in our bodies and out of our headspace and spend some time sharing, asking questions, and getting our creative mojo pumping!
  • Back to painting and creating!! (Plus–don’t forget you’ll need to refuel your body for meals and snacks during the day–so you’ll need some good food on hand too!)
  • Next, at 5pm PST I will meet you LIVE again on Livestream for sharing, inspiration, and a closing ceremony.  After our retreat is over you can share your work and experience on the private Facebook group.


Let’s paint together on Saturday, July 20!!





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If you have any questions please feel free to email me at DirtyFootprints(at)yahoo(dot)com.






No refunds after Monday, July 8, 2013


All refunds will be made within 72 hours of receiving your email via Pay Pal.  All cancellations must be emailed to DirtyFootprints(at)yahoo(dot)com.

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