Keeping A Sketchbook Kind Of Life

I received my first Moleskine sketchbook on my birthday, this past December 28th when I turned 37.

That night I did my first sketch in it of Hansel, as we sat in the emergency waiting room.

I simply used a Bic ball point pen, and I sat on top of a side table, because the only seats available were next to people wearing masks because they had the flu pretty bad.

When Hansel spent time in the hospital, I sketched things around the house.

I told myself I was practicing my drawing skills.  Strengthening my eye.

But what I really was doing was documenting my loneliness.

I’m on my third volume, of my 37 year.

If at all possible I’d like to keep this collection going.
Year after year.  Volume after volume.

I think there is something special,
about keeping a sketchbook kind of life.

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