My Traveling Art Studio

Above is what I consider my traveling art studio.

It’s simply a great little back pack I purchased from the Croc’s outlet store that carries all of my sketchbook supplies when I’m out and about, or when I’m simply around home.

You wouldn’t think it, but it’s actually very comfy and carries quite a bit.

And oh, that big black stain is from my last flight to Cleveland.  I had this baby stashed in my luggage and there was a glass jar of ink in it that broke.

{Yeah, UGH.}

Anyways, when you take everything out, this is what you see.

I try to keep stuff contained and relatively “neat” so that I don’t have to spend much time searching for supplies when I need them.

Because Lovelies ask me all the time what supplies I use in my sketchbook, here’s a detailed look–and a list as well!

Old baby bottle for water

Pitt Pens (various tips and tones)

Sharpie pens

Micron pens

Gel pens

Art Graf stick

Uni-ball pens

Pink highlighter

Jack Richeson & Co watercolor set

Savoir Faire gouache set

Liquitex Heavy Body Titanium White

Liquitex Heavy Body Light Portrait Pink

Golden Teal

Dip pen

Royal 1 inch filbert watercolor brush

Royal round tip size 4 brush

Cotman round tip size 10 brush

Moleskine sketchbook

Embroider pouch for crystals, stones, & other fun medicine I find

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Happy Sketching!

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