We Are Going LIVE!

Let me tell you…I’ve got a thing for gathering creative people together.

Yep.  Even when I was a little itty bitty, I was organizing “clubs” in my Mom’s garage that were for all the artists and creatives in the neighborhood! We’d color, cut, and paste for hours–and even once I organized a whole parade where we decorated our wagons and bikes with construction paper, and asked our parents to stand outside and watch!

In high school, I even had the ambition to start an “art movement’–where once again, I was gathering artists and creatives together. But this time we were skipping math class and heading for the park to paint!

Now, I have actually transformed my passion for gathering artists and creatives into a big part of my business!  It’s called 21 SECRETS–and in 2014 I will be celebrating my fifth year of hosting this incredibly inspiring online workshop!

And guess what?  I’m throwing a party!

But what’s a party without a little paint flinging fun? Right?

So, to celebrate five years of 21 SECRETS bringing art journaling, healing, and community together–I have invited 21 teachers from the past 4 years to join me in teaching LIVE every Wednesday for 21 weeks starting January 15, 2014.   I am calling it: 21 SECRETS LIVE!


So now you can be a part of one of my LIVE gatherings too without ever having to leave your home, break the bank for airfare, or find a sitter for your dog!

All you have to do is meet online for a LIVE broadcast each Wednesday at 6pm EST.  Can’t make the broadcast?! No problemo!  Each member of 21 SECRETS LIVE! will receive unlimited access to the recording of the show–so you can come back to it again and again!

At each LIVE workshop I, Connie Hozvicka, will be your host along with one of the honored teachers.  You will have the opportunity to ask questions, make comments, chat with the other members, and make art right along side us!  It will totally feel like we’re right there in your home studio with you–so break out the margaritas!

Then, once the 90 minute workshop is over, you can share your art and thoughts in the private Facebook and Flickr group too!

With so many excellent teachers from the past four years, it was very difficult to choose which ones to invite–but I feel that you will be just as excited as I am to be able to meet this amazing line up!  Look who will be heating up Wednesdays at 21 SECRETS LIVE! next year:

Julie Fei-Fan Balzer    Dion Dior    Jane Davenport    Andrea Schroeder    Aimee Myers Dolich

Alma Stoller    Carissa Paige    Dale Anne Potter    Violette Clark    Roben-Marie Smith

Rachel Whetzel    Natasha Reilly    Rae Missigman    Diana Trout    Gretchen Miller

Hali Karla    Rachel Awes    Traci Bunkers    Lisa Wilson    Kate Crane



Tracy Verdugo    Kelly Barton    Connie Hozvicka (Your Host)

21 SECRETS LIVE! is on sale now with a pretty dang sweet pre-sale discount!!

Regularly 21 SECRETS LIVE! costs $125–

now until September 1, 2013 you can purchase 21 SECRETS LIVE! for $95.

To learn more about 21 SECRETS LIVE! and to register please go HERE.

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