It Wasn’t Enough, So I’m Going To Give You My All


Two weeks ago I was in Sedona, hosting my third annual Total Alignment retreat that went amazing. The bravery, compassion, and creativity the participants shared left me feeling transformed. Immediately when I got home, I jumped on my laptop excited about writing my Workshops, Creative Circles, and Retreats Guidebook. The words, the ideas, the stories…everything just poured from me like sunshine and then, all of sudden, I hit a wall.

I suddenly realized that this Guidebook was just about me stuffing information into a PDF. And sure, this could probably help in demystifying the process of organizing and launching a workshop, creative circle, or retreat—but right now thatʼs not enough, I feel.

I’ve had so many questions since launching the Guidebook and this week I realized there was a better way of answering them, direct from me to you. You see, I want to provide you an experience that will inspire the hell out of you and let you know that you CAN do this. I want to create an incubator for your dreams of creating live workshops, creative circles, or retreats so they can gestate with wisdom and hatch with possibility.

So the Guidebook is no longer a Guidebook (it’s something more special)

I am letting go of this chunky, will-take-you-forever to get through it anyways, Guidebook and delivering the same powerful content to you as a simple 4 week ecourse instead. An ecourse that is composed of 4 two-hour teleconferences where I will share the information from each chapter thoroughly (and we will also open the circle for Q&A so you can get clarification directly from me there and then). Plus, you will also receive:

•    Valuable WORKSHEETS to help you process each teleconference.

•    A TRANSCRIPT and a downloadable RECORDING of the teleconference so you can 
return to the content again and again

•    A private peer-only Facebook COMMUNITY where you can share and collaborate with other 
women interested in making workshops, creative circles, and retreats come 

•    And my juicy Workshop, Creative Circles, & Retreats downloadable CHECK-LIST that 
you can print out and have by your side right now when you register (yes, you can see what I actually use and check when doing this for real!)

The truth is, dreams donʼt happen in a bubble–we need each other to manifest our heartʼs gifts! That is why I am scrapping the whole guidebook and transforming it into an e-course so that together we can support one another in creating transformative workshops, creative circles, and retreats across the world!

When does it start?

The best part is that we will be starting super soon (so you don’t have to wait until November to get going). The first teleconference will take place on Monday, October 21st at 3pm PST. If you are unable to make any of the teleconferences, please note that you will receive both an audio recording and written transcript for you to keep.

Plus, if you can’t make the calls live and have questions don’t worry: I will be opening the private Facebook group one week before we start and asking for questions from anyone unable to attend there and then (and of course you will receive all recordings and transcripts).

My mission is to help other Artists follow their calling with great ease, support, and success. I hope that you feel just as inspired as I do of the Guidebookʼs reincarnation–and that you will join me in transforming your dreams of creating live workshops, creative circles, and retreats into successful events!

What are the details?

Here are the dates, times, and information that will be covered in each two hour teleconference:

Monday, October 21 at 3pm PST :: The Heartbeat Behind It All

• What is your mission–why do you feel it’s important?
• Who is it for?
• How do you want to grow from this experience too?

Monday, October 28 at 3pm PST :: Creating The Container

•    Where to host it and how to know you found the right space.
•    An outline of things you never thought of are important (but are)–like where’s the 
•    What’s the perfect number of participants.
•    How long? How short? And what are we going to eat?
•    Collaboration or going solo?
•    Supplies, gifts, decorations, and storage oh my!
•    Help is good. Help is really good.

Monday, November 4 at 3pm PST :: Working Out The Details With Ease & Confidence

• Contracts, insurance, & liability.
• How much to charge & what to include.
• Creating a cancellation & refund policy.
• Yummy ways to advertise and get the word out.
• Making a profit or doing it for free–things to consider.

Monday, November 11 at 3pm PST :: Creating An Environment Of Transformation, Creativity, & Sisterhood

•  It starts with you.
• Take care of you (but it’s NOT all about you).

How much does it cost?

You receive 4 two-hour teleconferences, including the recordings and written transcripts, valuable worksheets to help your process, a private peer Facebook group, and my free downloadable Workshops, Creative Circles, & Retreats Checklist right now when you register….all for

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