Announcing The New 21 SECRETS Spring 2014

Today is the big day!

We are finally announcing the new teachers and the wonderful workshops they will be teaching for 21 SECRETS Spring 2014 HERE! AND–a pretty super pre-sale is happening too!

But that’s not all!  There are some major, delicious changes happening to 21 SECRETS in 2014!!

1. New Format

21 SECRETS Spring 2014 is now going to be a downloadable eBook–so that means NO more limited time only Ning site. You will instead receive full access to all the 21 SECRETS workshops at once (including videos, written content, & visuals) and be able to keep them forever and ever!! I want you to really savor each lesson and move at the rhythm of your own creative pace!

2. Facebook Community & Flickr Gallery

The 21 SECRETS community that makes 21 SECRETS so special will still be fully supported and cared for by a private Facebook group and Flickr gallery!  You will be able to share your art work, be inspired, and mingle with the teachers and students of 21 SECRETS on both Facebook and Flickr–you choose the one that really calls to you!

3. There will be two 21 SECRETS in 2014!

That’s right!! There will be a 21 SECRETS Spring being released on April 1st and a 21 SECRETS Fall being released on October 1st!! Both of them will be downloadable eBooks that you can keep forever and ever!

4. A call for applications to be a 21 SECRETS teacher is beginning this November!

For the past four years, teaching positions for 21 SECRETS have been by invitation only—starting with 21 SECRETS Fall 2014, I will be taking applications!  Please be sure to sign up for the Dirty Footprints Studio newsletter HERE and keep your eyes on Dirty Footprints Studio come November–because that’s when the application process will begin!  YOU might just be in 21 SECRETS Fall!

5. 21 SECRETS has a new mission!!

I mentioned a teeny tiny bit of this on Friday HERE–but in the upcoming days I will be sharing more of the 21 SECRETS mission and why I feel it’s so dang important!!

6. The price for 21 SECRETS has gone up.

Now that you receive all of the workshops to keep forever and ever, we’ve had to raise the price of 21 SECRETS to $98–which is still incredibly affordable when you realize that each workshop costs less than $5!  But, if you are one of the first 500 people to purchase 21 SECRETS Spring before April 1st you can get in on a super discount!  It looks something like this:

So jump on over HERE to check out the new 21 SECRETS Spring and to get in on the super pre-sale discount!!!

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