Me?….Paint FEARLESS….With Stencils?


Today is a big day here at Dirty Footprints Studio!! Not only am I participating in my very first blog hop–this is also my first time painting FEARLESS using stencils!

But not just any old stencils!

The very cool Petite Girls stencils designed by my dear friend Jane Davenport.

Normally, I might have declined an offer to paint with stencils–just because they’re not really my thing. But since Miss Jane was the one doing the asking–I couldn’t say no.

Jane could have probably asked me to try out her new bungee cords by jumping off my roof–and I would have said yes.

(Don’t get any crazy ideas Jane!)

So since painting with stencils is not really my thing–I thought that would be the foundation for this whole painting—using materials that are not really my thing!

Thus, that is why I decided to paint on a beautiful piece of plywood we had lying around and use spray paint too–both things I never ever use–because they’re not my thing!

And I have to tell you…..I had so much fun!

There was something so meditative about painting on that plywood–and now that I’ve had a go at spray painting stencils—I want to go crazy with it and paint tons of things using spray paint!

(As you can tell I went a little crazy with the spray paint in the photo above!!)

At the time that I finished this painting—I thought I was finished!! But now that I’ve sat with it for awhile–I think it’s still calling my name.  So we’ll see!

But, not only do I want to thank Jane for asking me to be a part of her blog hop celebrating her new stencils–I really want to thank Jane for the push creatively in getting me to step out of my usual way of doing things and trying something new!

Total proof that you can paint FEARLESS with anything!

These are the four Petite Girls stencils you get in a package!

Be sure to check out what the other artists are doing with these stencils!  Here is the list of hoppers!

September 28 – Artistcellar
September 29 Jill K. Berry
September 30 Dawn DeVries Sokol
October 1 – Joanne Sharpe
October 2 – Connie Hozvicka
October 3 – Effy Wild
October 4 – Tamara Laporte
October 5 – Dion Dior
October 6 – Courtney Brook
October 7 – Kate Palmer
October 8 – Jane Davenport

If you would like to purchase these stencils for yourself you can buy them HERE or HERE.

Or if you’d like to win a set–please leave a comment telling me what your thing is in making art!  Do you like to art journal, paint animals, sculpt with macaroni noodles?  Share for a chance to win!

The giveaway is now closed.

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