Painting The Feminine :: Rooted


I’ve been doing all my painting at night, in my living room, on the floor.

It’s the last thing I do with my day, and then I clean up and go to bed.

I’m pretty boring!! I don’t watch tv.  I don’t look at the internet.  And many nights I don’t even listen to music.

Just me and the sound of my paintbrush and the snoring of my dog Nyla.

I look at these photos here and I’m reminded what a blessed life I live.

I’m sure to some, the fact that I don’t have a fancy warehouse studio, that my apartment is quite small, and that my supplies aren’t contained in the cutest of shabby-chic bins is a sign that I mustn’t be a “serious” Artist.  But I see it differently.

Actually I don’t even see it at all.

Because I feel it.

I feel what it feels like to live a life of an Artist.

When I was just an itty bitty, I sat for hours every night on the concrete floor across from the laundry room in my Mother’s basement.  It was the one designated area of the house that she didn’t care (too much) if paint got everywhere.

In my twenties, I lived in a house over a hundred years old in Cleveland, Ohio.  When the winter storms would snow us in–I’d sit wrapped in a million blankets on my kitchen floor, painting with wool gloves on.

And here I am.  In my late thirties. A mother.  A wife.  A business owner.  And still an Artist sitting on the floor painting.

There’s this thread that connects each version of my younger self to the woman I am today.

I like to think it’s the Feminine.  The essence of my being–the facet of my Soul that fuels my creativity–that carries me through Life’s winding road.

It’s not something one can demonstrate–or even paint, if I’m going to be honest.

It has to be felt.

That’s the only way to truly recognize it and for me, I feel her strongest when I’m rooted on the floor.


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