Get A Taste!


So way back in mid-November, Lisa, Hali, and I held a practice run for 21 SECRETS LIVE! together on Spreecast.  We privately invited some of our tribe to come & we had loads of fun!

Here is an honest shot of what my set-up looked like as we practice art journaling and chatting along on the Spreecast.

I was so pleased that things went so smoothly and was so much fun! It just got me all pumped even more for January to come so we can really begin 21 SECRETS LIVE!

And now, we want to share the practice video we did with you–so you can get a taste of how great it will be to share your Wednesday nights with us in 2014 as we art journal along with a fabulous line-up of teachers!

Grab your art journal–and hit play!

21 SECRETS LIVE! starts on Wednesday, January 15!! Learn more & register HERE!

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