A New IGNITE Is Here!


IGNITE, my FEARLESS® Painting Facilitator Certification, was first launched in 2012 as a powerful ten month process that fell short in some ways because the process itself was masquerading as a  training.

Attached to any certification training is a bunch of requirements to fulfill, deadlines to meet, contracts to sign, and policies to abide by.

But here’s what the problem was…I didn’t build a thriving, heart centered business by following some program or fulfilling any requirements.  I haven’t transform hundreds of women’s lives because I was abiding by some policy.

I did it by listening to my heart, trusting my intuition, and always following my passion to serve others through creativity.  This is how I lead my sold out workshops.  This is how I run my business.  And most especially, this is how I live my life.

So IGNITE is no longer a certification program. I refuse to strap a bunch of requirements and policies onto a process that was born to flow wildly.

Instead, IGNITE’s new format is accessible to all women that feel the call to it.  There is space embed in it’s design for you to flow with the content at a rhythm that fits your life.

And the truth is, I live a beautiful life as a self sustainable Artist.  But  I didn’t get here by doing it alone or by following a time frame.  There were many mentors, experiences, and even failures that I’m grateful for that blessed me along the way.

I made IGNITE so that I can give back all that has been so graciously granted to me by helping other women on their path.

In IGNITE I share with you who I am and everything I know from my 20+ years of teaching art, facilitating transformation, and holding sacred space both online and off, as well as giving you an intimate look into how I run my business.

The only policy I have in IGNITE is an open heart.


Will you please join me in celebrating today as I officially open registration for IGNITE! Please go HERE to marinate in all the goodness & I’ll be hosting a live information call this Friday!  Hit the button below to sign up to join me!

The call will be recorded for those that are unable to attend!

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