I DIdn’t Just One Day Start An Online Business


A few months back I sent out surveys to some of my most loyal students who have so graciously joined me in almost all of my offerings over the years here at Dirty Footprints Studio.

I didn’t write them asking what it is they wanted more of from me, well I did, but that was the very last question I asked.

I asked them about themselves.

I wanted to know who they are–what their lives are like, their dreams, their interests, their struggles and their joys.

And I wanted to know, not so I could sell them something.  But that I could serve them.

In business there are two choices–to serve or to sell.

Even though both methods of business can be done by offering the same exact thing, such as a workshop, a teleseminar, or a print of a painting, there’s a huge difference between a business that offers their services from a business that is  selling you something.

The difference is not price or the hours put into it or even the quality of the final design.

It’s in the energetics behind it.  It consists of the stuff you don’t see or can’t measure–but you feel it.

Yes, you really honestly feel it.

If Dirty Footprints Studio was to completely fall apart tomorrow, and nobody ever again took one of my online workshops, I can guarantee you that I would still be doing the same exact thing that I do now–but I would be offering it in a different format or fashion.

My heart has always been in serving others through creativity.  For years I worked in galleries, as artists’ assistants, as an art teacher, and even in the theater–and though my job description for each gig I had would look completely different, my passion to serve others through creativity was always the driving force behind any paycheck I received.

What’s beautiful about Dirty Footprints Studio is not that I can be my own boss, but rather that being my own boss feels the most in alignment with who I am as a person.  Personally, being an entrepreneur  feels completely, 100% natural.  I swim through the waters of self-employment like a dophin.  That doesn’t mean I don’t encounter storms, droughts, and an occasional tsunami–it just means I’m in my element.

But here’s the thing you might not see from the outside looking in– it took me years of trying many different ways and forms of serving others through creativity to arrive at where I am today.  I didn’t just one day start a business, I actually slowly transferred my passion to serve others through creativity into an online business.

The passion is that energy I was talking about above.  You can’t sell passion–it’s something you can only share with others.  And to do so in business, you have to be willing to serve.

This is what I mean when I speak about Feminine Leadership and sustainable business…this is what I share with you in IGNITE.  Please join me this Friday for a live information call to discover if IGNITE is the right fit for you!

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