Say Hello To Petrea Hansen-Adamidis & Rachel Ellen Andrews!

Today and next Friday are the last days of this blog series because in just a little over a week 21 SECRETS Spring will finally be released!!! To check out my past introductions please go HERE and to sign up for 21 SECRETS Spring be sure to boogie on over HERE!

Today I’d like to introduce you to two fabulous ladies:  Petrea Hansen-Adamidis and Rachel Ellen Andrews.


What first drew me to Petrea Hansen-Adamidis years ago was her deep connection to nature.  I remember watching a vlog of her speaking with a lake only a few feet behind her, and I kept thinking how at one she is with the landscape.  And here, as I sit and write this paragraph, I noticed in her photo above that she once again expresses that same integration with Mother Nature.  It’s only natural that she would bring this deep connection to the Earth into her Inner Art Expedition workshop for 21 SECRETS.  Also, what I love about Petrea is her generous heart to help others heal through creativity.  Petrea is a registered art therapist and has been sharing her gifts for almost 20 years.  It is such an honor to have her with us this Spring.

To read Petrea’s official bio go HERE & to check out her website go HERE.

Rachel Ellen Andrews is one of those “must follow” artists over on Instagram just because she’ll splash you with beautiful images of color and pattern from her gorgeous paintings almost everyday!  Rachel’s work is always so uplifting and bright that you can’t help but to fall in love!  What I love about her work most especially is that she has a distinct style of her own—much like a Goddess herself!!  I’ve already had a sneak peek, and I’ll tell you that her Glorious Goddess workshop is a lot of fun!!  I’m so excited for you to check it out soon!   To learn more about Rachel read her official bio HERE and check out her website HERE.

21 SECRETS comes out April 1st!!

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