Life Is Just Art Waiting To Happen


I was out on The Mothership when going under a bridge I became absolutely mesmerized by how the light created a line across the Earth below.

I turned my bike around and took these photos that I shared over on Instagram.

But these photos feel more like a documentation to an incredible installation art I happened to stumble upon.

The cars driving above created a meditative rhythm, and every now and then a pebble or two would tumble over and create an accent.

It felt cool there in the shade and smelled like rock.
Like dirt.  Like settled Earth.

But that line–the way light was being so bold and laser like–especially in contrast to the textured rocks beneath it.

It couldn’t be more perfect.

But finally Phoenix started to become restless while waiting for his Mama to stop geeking out over a line and some rocks, so I put my phone back into the basket and went on our way.

Life is just Art waiting to happen.

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