My Scattered Love Affair


I can NOT just work in one book alone.

Nope, I need variety.

To me, each sketchbook, each journal has a feeling–a Soul all of its own.

And sometimes I’ll see a book through to the finish, and other times we may part ways with pages still undone and empty.

Right now I got five books going at one time.

Sure, sometimes a book may sit collecting dust for awhile until I feel inspired to use it again.  But eventually it finds its way back into my heart like an old friend.

So, here’s a little peek into my scattered love affair with keeping an art journal and sketchbook!

#1. My Painting The Feminine Journal

I use this amazing Fabriano Venezia Sketchbook just for Painting the Feminine.  I started this practice way back in October of last year and you can see all the paintings I have in it HERE.   I most especially use this book to paint under the Full Moon each month.


#2.  My Regular Ol’ Art Journal

Strathmore, I love your Visual Journals–but I HATE the gawd ugly brown cover!! With that said, my regular ol’ art journal is what I use every time I sit down to FEARLESS® Paint in my art journal.  In the one I have pictured above I’ve done everything in it from “My Healing Journal” series to my new “Many Shades of Grey” series that I’ll be sharing with you here at DFS real soon!  I love this journal and have gone through few of them!


#3.  My Mandala Book

I started this book of mandalas when I was pregnant with Phoenix.  There’s even a mandala in there that I finished the day before Phoenix was born! Plus, just recently I picked her up again as you can see HERE!  The book itself is just a cheap sketchbook I picked up at a World Market store one day–I liked it because of the rope it has to close it–and at one time it had a cute little tree design on it in rope too.  (That fell off pretty quickly.)  Anyways, I only use this book for making mandalas with pen and marker so it does the trick!


#4.  My “Official” Sketchbook

Last year in 2013 I was all about my Moleskine!  But this year I’m loving on the ol’ Fabriano Venezia series pretty hard!! This little Fabriano Venezia I use for my “official” sketching–meaning I use it to practice drawing stuff!  HERE is a little peek into it.  And HERE is another!


#5.  Watercolor Journal

This last journal I use just for sketching with watercolors.  It’s the Travelogue Watercolor Journal and I love it because it feels really delicious in your hands and is quite handsome as well!  I’ve only used this baby a few times that you can see HERE and HERE and HERE.  It’s one of those books I pull out for special occasions–kind of like Grandma’s silver or my jeans without the holes in the knees!

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