We Need To Gather Together & Paint!



When I was just an itty bitty in elementary school there were many summer breaks I would spend hosting an “art club” in my mother’s garage.

I’d charge a dollar for membership fees.  Set up little tables I made out of boxes.  Serve Kool-Aid in Dixie cups that I stole from the bathroom.  And when everyone was there and stopped fighting over who’s going to sit where,  we’d push the button to close the garage door and I’d stand on top of our big orange, wooden toy box with my chalkboard and give an art lesson.

A couple weeks ago, when I was driving home after my first ever Heart Opening workshop that I hosted with my dear friend Opal, thoughts of my art club days came rushing to mind out of nowhere.

I started to laugh and then tears came to my eyes.

I’m almost 40 years old, and I can honestly say I’ve been doing this all my life.

I’ve been gathering Souls together around creativity for as long as I can literally remember.

Even in high school I would invite my friends to hang out at coffee shops and we’d draw in our sketchbooks.  Or I’d gather a bunch of us to spend the day in the park painting.

But it was in my twenties that I started co-hosting monthly creative circles with a friend of mine just for women.  All you had to bring was something creative to do and a dish of something yummy to share with everyone.

By the time we decided to retire our circle it was so big that we had to move out of the house and set up tables in the back yard and garage (there’s that garage thing again!!).

I guess I can truly say now that I was born for this work.

It’s obvious that it comes through me without even trying.  That’s not to say that it’s always easy or that I always feel like facing the issues and shadows that sometimes show up when women gather together to heal and create.

But each time I do show up, each time I answer the call and make space for women to gather, real transformation and growth happens.

Every time.

And that’s why I feel very passionate about supporting other women in creating their own creative circles and gatherings.  We need to come together like this.  We need to tell our stories, to heal in each others presence, and to invite the Feminine into our lives.

On Monday, August 11th I will be releasing my Creative Circles Guidebook that will help women everywhere do just that.

I first released this Creative Circles Guidebook last year as a four week eCourse — but now I’ve transformed it into a beautiful, downloadable eBook filled with inspiring audios and loads of practical information to help you get your dreams of hosting a creative circle, workshop, or retreat off the ground.

I’m just so excited about it that I had to give you a head’s up.  Be sure to sign up for my Dirty Footprints Studio newsletter to get it first!


All photos were taken at my Heart Opening workshop  I hosted with Opal Keen in July.
We are currently working on a Heart Opening online workshop for all of you
Souls that do not live in or near Phoenix, Arizona to attend. Should be coming out soon!

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