Art Journal Wisdom :: Day 8 :: Floooow


Welcome To Day Eight of Art Journal Wisdom!

Yesterday I instructed you to dig deep into your courage and mess up a good thing on your journal page — just to see what the heck was lying on the other side of your creativity!

I’m a big meany! Aren’t I?

Well, today we’re going to switch gears.

We’re going to be gentle with ourselves, and most of all our paintbrushes.

Our whole intention is to just get into the  FLOOOOW baby!

This is a pretty easy smeasy kind of exercise, yes.  But one that’s definitely good for the heart and Soul.

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Let’s Get Started!

To begin I want you to choose some music that is soft, fluid, and most of all soothing to your senses.  Even if you’re one of those folks that doesn’t like to create to music — I’m going to encourage you to give it a try anyways!! (Let’s see what we can learn from stepping out of our usual routines, shall we!)

Once you got the music picked out, and you might need four or five — or who knows, maybe ten songs altogether to get you through this piece.  So be prepared!

Then it’s time to choose a palette of colors that feels right for the music you enlisted.

Does the music feel cool and refreshing to you?  Then how about a palette of blues, violets, and watery greens.

Or does it evoke some type of passion?  Then you better grab a handful of fiery colors to make a true expression!

And that’s what we’re going to do — we’re going to express the music we’re listening to.

We’re going to floooow with the tempo and guide our brush to mimic the harmony!

First and foremost I would suggest thinning down your paint so that it feels more watery and easy to move around when you’re wrist is dancing with your paintbrush.  You don’t have to get crazy here.  Just a few extra dabs of water from your brush into the paint should do the trick.  We don’t want soup!  Just a thinner consistency of paint.

And please note we’re not just repeating what we learned on Day 2 when we got crazy with color.  No that’s not the point.

Instead I want you to focus on a fully monogamous relationship with your paintbrush instead of inviting a bunch of  flimsy objects in for texture or what have you!

Or maybe let’s just pretend I’m Mr. Miyagi and you’re Daniel Son — so listen closely when I say become one with the paintbrush.

Wax on.  Wax off.

Make your brush strokes that smooth and effortless and don’t forget to let the music lead the way.

That’s really it, Lovey.

You’re going to FLOOOOW — from the tips of your toes to the follicles on your head!  Let your painting be a full body experience — and that paintbrush just an extension of your blessed hand.

I want you to feel it — not just paint it.

Really feel it.

Go on.  Try it out.  You got this.

And like always, be sure to use hashtag #ArtJournalWisdom on Instagram, Twitter & Facebook to share your work!

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