I Made This For You


For literally months now I have been working on a secret project almost every Wednesday of the week where I sit legs crossed in front of my laptop in my studio chatting away for hours with many of the teachers from both 21 SECRETS Spring and Fall this year!

I’ve been asking them one simple (but not-so-simple) question:

What has your journey as an Artist been like?

Oh. My. Goodness.

I had no idea when I started this project that it would change my life in such deep and powerful ways.

First,  what an honor it has been to be a collector of such personal and intimate stories.  Each of these amazing Artists opened up to me honestly and many shared things that they never shared publicly before even.

It was so touching.  So sweet.  So humbling to be granted the gift of their trust.

But even more,  this project has become evidence that there is no yellow brick road to becoming an Artist.

There is no correct formula or right way to embrace success as an Artist.

Nobody but yourself holds the answer….and to tell you the truth, not one of the 33 Artists I chatted with was spared rejection, heart ache, or tragedy in their life — but what makes this project so inspiring is that each of them used their circumstances as compost to fuel their creativity and to follow their dreams.

And you want to know the best part?

I created 21 SECRETS Conversations for you.

You, my readers, my friends, and my dear students I’ve been blessed to paint with over the years.

I created 21 SECRETES Conversations for you envisioning you listening into our conversations and receiving just the nugget of inspiration or extra boost of confidence you need to keep going — keep moving forward — keep following your own dreams.

I created 21 SECRETES Conversations for you because I believe every Artist that hears the call to ignite their creativity is special and they hear this calling because the Universe knows they have something important to share.

I created 21 SECRETES Conversations for you — to prove that you don’t have to be a superhero, wait till your kids are grown, or have a hefty savings account to have a thriving artistic career.

I have recorded hours and hours of conversations that showed me that being successful as an Artist takes heart, perseverance, a sense of humor, and most of all trust in the good times as much as the bad.

So, with the greatest gratitude and love in my heart I am ready to release this SEVEN WEEK amazing project into the world starting on Monday,  October 27th.

Yes, EVERY DAY (Monday – Friday) for seven weeks I will be posting a 21 SECRETS Conversations  right here to Dirty Footprints Studio for you to watch, be inspired, and share all for FREE! FREE! FREE!

Be sure to sign up for 21 SECRETS Conversations below!

The journey begins Monday, October 27th!

It’s FREE!!


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