Take A Peek :: Episode 10


Welcome To Episode 10 of Take A Peek!

I’ve had such fun sharing my journals with you!

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In this final episode of Take A Peek I share with you my most current art journal.  (This episode was shot in early 2015.)

When I started it I was devoted to doing morning pages.

But after awhile I put the morning pages aside to ride my beloved bike Artemis every morning instead!

Plus, what’s fun to see is that right after I changed my last name to Solera, my journal pages feel like they shifted as well.

This shift also made way for my FEARLESS Faces series that I’m working on now too!

Last but not least, I want to share how grateful and touched I am for  the out pour of love and support I’ve received for this series.  It completely warms my heart knowing how much it has inspired and helped many creative hearts feel less alone in their art journey!  I love that!

Now onto the final episode of Take A Peek…

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