21 SECRETS Conversations with Joyce van der Lely


I think one of the most comforting aspects of collecting these stories of the artist journey from my beloved 21 SECRETS teachers is that it proves that the path of an artist is never straight and narrow.

There hasn’t been one artist yet that has shared a journey lacking in obstacles, doubt, and struggle. But every single person I’ve spoken to has a story that’s rich with meaning, joy, and most of all creativity.

Today’s interview with Joyce van der Lely of 21 SECRETS Spring 2015 is no different.  Following her art has certainly taken her on a roller coaster of a ride, but as you’ll hear her say herself, she wouldn’t want it any other way.

Joyce teaches Messages to Me in 21 SECRETS Spring 2015.

Enjoy taking a peek into our conversation!

[vc_video link=’https://vimeo.com/132031219′]

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