Maybe Nobody Told You


First, get your brush dripping, soaking, wet.

Next, grind the hairs into the watercolor pigment in a complete fury.  I prefer the cake kind for it can take a bit of abuse.

Now drag it across the page as if it’s your fingertip creating a map over the forehead and down the cheek of your beloved.

When the paint dries, which it might take awhile, notice how the corners of the paper curl in your direction.

Yes they’re yearning for you, so caress them with your thumb using the greatest of pleasure. But don’t waste your time hungry for imagery.  Your Soul prefers to keep its anonymity.

Instead grab a pen or a marker and write the words that tingle on your lips, spill from your womb, seep from your bones, and bleed from the heart that once belonged to your ancestors.

Maybe nobody told you, but this is how your art will save you.

This is how you lose yourself.

And this is how you become whole again.

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