21 SECRETS Conversations with Ashley Joon


The thing that’s so easy to forget about making art sometimes is that we are always beginners.  Every time we come to the canvas or page it is a chance for us to begin anew.  Sure it can start to feel like a familiar routine but if we peel back the mundane just a little,  underneath lies a river of vitality that is always waiting to be tapped into.

That’s why it’s so important to me to include new emerging artists to the 21 SECRETS line up of teachers every season.  What they may lack in polish and expertise, they certainly make up for in having direct access to the source that draws all of us to creating in the first place.

Today’s 21 SECRETS Conversations guest, Ashley Joon, is not new to making art per se, but after years of both studying and working in business she made a u-turn and is joyfully back on her artist path.

Ashley Joon is sharing secrets from her own journey of discovering her artistic voice in her 21 SECRETS Fall workshop: Finding Your Artistic Voice.  You can learn more about Ashley while swooning over her gorgeous paintings by visiting her website HERE.

Like always, it is a huge honor to both collect and share these artist journey stories with you.  My 21 SECRETS Conversations series now has over 50 episodes! CLICK HERE to visit the archives.

I hope you enjoy today’s conversation — Ashley is absolutely darling!

[vc_video link=’https://vimeo.com/137986509′]

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