21 SECRETS Conversations with Cassia Cogger


The whole art process for me is just an opening.
~ Cassia Cogger, from today’s 21 SECRETS Conversation

Cassia Cogger is today’s 21 SECRETS Conversations special guest and what really sticks out from our conversation is the idea of an opening.  That art not only asks us to open up — but requires it! It’s mandatory.

Art pushes us to open to uncertainty, to bliss, to beauty, and even to those parts of ourselves that are a bit more harder to digest. Well, I guess we don’t have to open to them — but when we say “yes” to our creativity, we’re really saying yes to opening and that’s where all the healing and magic lies.

One way that Cassia makes sure she is not going to miss the healing and magic is by creating a project or challenge for herself and sticking to it.  At the time of our chat together she had just finished a 100 day challenge involving tracing her hands!

You can learn more about Cassia and even catch a glimpse into that project by visiting her website HERE. Cassia also brings her magic and insight to 21 SECRETS Fall 2015 with her workshop Story Circles.

Plus, if you’re new to 21 SECRETS Conversations be sure to hop on over to the archives HERE and you can learn more about the 21 SECRETS art journaling series HERE .


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Now I invite you to enjoy today’s 21 SECRETS Conversations! Hit play below!

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