21 SECRETS Tools & Techniques Is Here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


It’s here! It’s here! It’s here!

I can barely hold in my excitement anymore! Finally today we are announcing 21 SECRETS Tools and Techniques! I have been waiting for what feels like forever to do this!

But before I get to the real juicy juicy stuff — I want you to know that now through midnight this Friday, February 19th we are hosting an early bird sale!!! Enter coupon code: springsecret when checking out and you will save $10! 

I am so super excited because not only is this 21 SECRETS packed packed PACKED with some of the most talented artists around — I am also teaching in it as well!

I have been dreaming, scheming, and planning this workshop for over a year now and I am ready to unleash a little Moody onto the world!


Yep.  My 21 SECRETS workshop is called Moody and if you want to learn more about it you’ll just have to CLICK HERE.

But before you do so — let me tell you that this is 21 SECRETS seventh year running and Hali and I have decided to shake things up a bit! We thought this year it would be loads of fun to invite each of the teachers to explore and share their secrets around one common theme!

So for the Spring edition of 21 SECRETS all of us teachers are spilling the beans on our favorite Tools and Techniques!!

I think you are really going to like it.

Check out this little video I made about it…but here’s a secret — this video is the same video over on the 21 SECRETS Tools and Techniques page — except for one little difference — this one has a fun surprise at the end.

Now don’t fast forward to end because you’re going to miss all the peeks into some of the workshops!

[vc_video link=’https://vimeo.com/155683039′]

21 SECRETS Tools and Techniques comes out April 1st!

As a little early bird thank you be sure to use coupon code:


to save $10.  The sale ends Friday night.  Yes, this Friday, February 19th!

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