The Creative Circle Guidebook Q&A

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Thank you to all the wonderful Souls that answered the call and grabbed their free copy of the Creative Circles Guidebook.  I truly hope that this Guidebook will inspire and help you to feel confident, empowered, and eager to gather creatives together.

Because I believe in this work so deeply — and because I truly want to see you shine — I’d also like to share with you a private Q&A I did in 2015.

Below you will find a recording of this video and in it I cover these important nuggets:

  • It takes true heart & courage to do this work!! 
  • Engaging in the creative process is stepping into the mystery of life.
  •  How fear shows up for us in approaching this work (not enough / imposter syndrome). 
  • How the lodestones and “host vs hero” mentality creates an infrastructure for healing, harmony, & integrity 
  • Getting clear on your strengths & weaknesses as a facilitator and artist
  • Using intention to guide your decisions 
  • The importance of ritual
  •  Ritual VS ceremony 
  • Ways to think about marketing and advertisement 
  • Contracts, venues, and insurance — w00hooo!

Grab a pen and paper, sit back, and enjoy my recording of the Creative Circles Guidebook Q&A —

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