Sketching In Cars


If you’ve been around Dirty Footprints Studio for awhile, you probably know I got this thing for sketching in cars.

My family and I love to take our roadtrips and explore our beautiful state of Arizona.

And while Hansel keeps us truckin, I pull out the sketchbook and play.

Sketching_In_Cars2 Sketching_In_Cars3

As you can see in the two photos above, not every attempt is artistic genius!

These two puppies are quite awful in my honest opinion.

But I must also add that it was my first time trying out the Art Graf Carbon, so — you know, things got a little wonky!


Some sketches I start and never quite finish before we make it to our destination. Like the one I created while wearing my bright pink kayaking pants!

I was trying to capture Mother Earth — if you look closely you might see her face. Posting this photo here gets me itching to finish these sketches.

Sketching_In_Cars4 Sketching_In_Cars5Sketching_In_Cars9

Then there’s always those sketches that really make my heart sparkle.  Like the little sketches I did of things that quickly caught my eye as the world spun past my window.

I plan on doing more of those.  They were super fun!

SketChing_In_Cars6 SketChing_In_cars7

Then sometimes sketching actually happens on top of the car too.

It was something about those different hues of green next to each other that was really calling to me.  It was getting late and we had a long drive back — so I just did something quick.

My sketches are never about trying to capture exactly what I’m seeing — but rather instead it’s my special way of connecting with this moment — this Earth — this family of mine — this life I am so blessed to live.

And well, if you’re feeling called to take your sketchbook out in cars and elsewhere this Summer — CLICK HERE to check out the little tutorial I created last year. I hope it inspires you to get sketching too!


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